One of the recent events I attended was way different from the ones I am used to visiting. This was my co-haikuist Nandita Jain Mahajan’s ceramic art exhibition in India Habitat Centre (IHC). I like going to IHC because of its ambience and open space.

The exhibition was held somewhere in mid October in the evening in Visual Arts Gallery and Palm Court Gallery consecutively. It was not her solo exhibition but with other artists of equal talent. I had once expressed my desire to visit her studio where she turned out these objets di art from mere clay. That visit never happened but she was kind enough to invite me to her exhibition which I readily attended with my sister.

Honestly speaking I do not much understand ceramic art. But am very much interested in all creative arts including sculpting and painting and would like to attend a course some day to understand and appreciate these two art forms better.

I was fascinated by  Nandita’s handiworks and I clicked frantically to try and capture the beauty and aesthetics of her and other’s creations. Here are some of the pictures with one liners about why I liked these.


The Inauguation



Here is Nandita with the tray of flowers in hand

The first thing that caught my eyes were the tiles and I wondered how they would look on the floor or wall of my flat.



Next were the cluster of artefacts.




And then there were the portraits and how they held captive the delicate emotions and expressions.



I also took a round of the gallery and found the Kettle Junction and a few other pieces interesting and eye catching.





Last but not the least, I found this one the most enchanting.  How the delicate curl and tender feel of the leaves were brought alive in a medium which is hard and exact opposite in texture  of the soft crumbling leaves. I could almost feel the leaves crunch under my feet. And what with the added charm of the unique haiku by Kala Ramesh. Absolutely delightful – a stunning treat to the eyes! Here, I must once again underscore my lack of knowledge of this art form. And any subtle nuance  that I may be missing in. these intricate and hard-to-mould-creations may please be excused.


Thanks to Nandita for this visually engaging journey through one portrayal to the other. Of course, the evening ended in Eatopia gorging on mouth melting pastries.



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A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. Tantrikacharya says:

    Actually what I understand regarding art is that the language of art can be realized but always it can’t express by words as it comes out from realisation of heart. Visitors normally imply their own meaning they think. Suppose a painting depicted a atomy tree and dry leaves are shedding from it. Somebody thinks it depicted oldest condition of human life besides someone thinks it depicted how our hopes ultimately get lost unfruitful. Indeed I am also fond of art and seldom visit art galleries around our city of Kolkata.


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