In Hindu Shastra, the world is nothing but maya which means illusive. Therefore, clinging to worldly matters shall always invoke pain and dejection as illusion by its very nature is transient. Einstein, very accurately, expressed the same philosophy through his theory of relativity. Everything is relative. The concept of the absolute is again misleading – a misnomer

Maya or illusion is like seeing an image in a mirror which looks real but is actually not and just a reflection of something which is changeable and ultimately perishable. The only imperishable and unchangeable thing is the human soul which is part of the Supreme Consciousness prevailing in the entire cosmos.

Watching a stack of papers through a glass filled with water on my work desk reminded me of this greater reality of unreality as perceptible to us through our five sensory organs, i.e., ears, eyes, nose, tongue and skin, the panch indriyas.

To put it very succinctly, everything that the whole cosmos is made up of is transient. It is transient because nothing is constant. The only thing that is constant is change. Thus, human perception itself is fallacious because it tries to establish consistence and permanence in the midst of chaos, continuity and change by relying on illusive vision – that what it seems is actually not!!!


IMG_20170621_111827 (1)

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