I reiterate my Facebook confession that I do not know my city very well. At the same time, I feel it is important to know the city where one lives because one is integral part of its history, geography, evolution and continuum. My roots are embedded in this soil. But how to know the city after decades of ignorance? I decided to be more aware of my surroundings and to start with I decided to capture its essential elements in frame.

Easier said than done. Firstly because I am not a camera savvy person. Most of the times I am so engrossed enjoying a moment of visual splendour that I forget to take a picture. Most of these times I am on the move, i.e., I am on wheels. So by the time I get my mobile ready to click the view has already passed by. Even if I am lucky enough to get the correct shot I do not find the opportune moment or post to upload it. And with passage of time the memory associated with the snapshot  becomes dusty and withdrawn.

However, this time I was lucky. I tried to be alert as well. The first that I thought of captivating were the different moods of this city in different seasons – be it spring, summer, autumn, winter. Yes, we have all the four seasons in a year clearly distinguishable from each other and enjoyable. I start with the evergreen months of spring i.e., February and March. By the time the calendar rolls into the fourth month it is time to say goodbye to the splash of colours around and welcome the scorching heat of summers.

Now who welcomes summers? We do because it has its own smoking hot charms…. more of that later. But coming to spring, Delhi is a riot of colour in this season. The parks, the avenues, the boulevards, the pavements and even the dividers on the roads are sprinkled with flowers of all shapes and sizes. If not flowers, then you will find stretches of lush green which will soon turn into charred brown. Still…

Now do savour this…



This flower bed is adjacent to the boundary wall of Hotel Taj Man Singh and must have been maintained by the hotel authorities. The Taj, one of the premium hotels of the city,  is situated on Man Singh road. And that is why the name. The green beds beyond create a lush effect against rally of different shades of pink. It is picturesque as well as has an ingrained aesthetic effect which is eye catching as well as heart warming.

IMG_20170321_095552 (1).jpg

Lodhi Road 

This pic I deliberately clicked to focus on the dividers which suddenly come alive with colours during these months of spring.  Flaming Bougainvilleas are a common site in the city coupled with Gulmohars or Delonix Regia, Champas or Magnolia Champaca and other seasonal flowers.

I am keeping this post open ended. As I click more I shall keep on adding to this post. So keep visiting..


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