Corruption is a malady which eats into the very foundation of an Organization rendering it weak, inadequate and ineffectual. Its corrosive impact is all pervasive which in the long run debilitates the very fabric of society. The demon of corruption can only be defeated by putting fair and equitable systems and procedures in place and garnering public support and participation.

An efficient and effective Organization fruitfully integrates personal growth of its workforce with the organizational goals. A corruption-free environment enhances this integration, which in turn, facilitates the Organization to reach out to a wider customer base and sustain growth amidst stiff competition. Therefore, a well-meditated campaign against corruption can never be exclusive of the people manning the organizational machinery.


Corruption is covert operation which can only be debunked by drawing the areas most prone to it within the purview of public disclosure. Dissemination of information increases awareness and empowers people. Whereas an Organization committed to transparency strives to make as much information as possible accessible to the public, conscious effort on the part of the recipients is required to make use of the same responsibly and constructively.

In this age of digitization, there is no dearth of user-friendly systems and procedures devised by Organizations to minimize delay and maximize result. However, continued      effectiveness of these systems depends   on how diligently the operators within the Organization ensure adherence to the same and how committed the end-users are to not to give in to the urge to secure selfish benefits bypassing procedural requirements.

The combat against corruption is a two-way process combining action with introspection. Corruption is a state of mind. Corrupt thoughts instigate corrupt actions. Thus, to counter corrupt thoughts it is essential to condition the mind to think transparently, to ask one’s own self whether and how more transparency can be infused to better a job and scale higher and higher levels of fairness and equitability. It is with this self-motivated mechanism of checks and counter checks being constantly operative within can we function transparently, vigilantly and with integrity.

A vigilant mind is the one which is alert, aware and ever ready to take initiative to thwart all such evil strikes which are detrimental to the growth of a corruption free environment. Integrity is a reflex to undividedly converge personal values, moral strength and honesty on the task in hand to produce the desired output. While corrupt thoughts weaken our moral fiber, it is personal integrity, vigilance of mind and an instinctive desire to perform selflessly that subvert actions spurred by selfish motives.

In the final analysis, battling against corruption is much more an internal warfare than an externalized endeavour. It is a constant effort which requires strengthening of the inner core and values that prompt us to rise above the narrow confines of petty gains driven by vested interests. When such individualized efforts graduate into collective will to foster a global community cleansed of all the pernicious designs spun by manipulative minds that public participation to eradicate the ills of corruption elevate  to a truly meaningful and sustainable movement.


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  1. Bikramjit says:

    I think we all need to make a change.. because usually when It comes to a personal thing we all beleive we can buy it off..

    I do hope we can change and make it a better place to live

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  2. KP says:

    It is well written and one wishes the business and political organisations develop the strength to implement the suggestions.But the society sadly is so deeply submerged in corrupt ways in all areas that it has become almost a norm and acceptable way of life and one wonders whether the country can ever be corruption free.
    The nidus of the problem is scarcity of resources, natural or artificial by man made rules, that leads to unethical ways in the resultant a society where the government has a large say in the day to day life of the people,little wonder officials and politicians find easy ways to make illegal money.
    There should be a strong will and determination shown by the men at the helm to root out corruption at all levels irrespective of electoral outcome.Measures like wide coverage of RTI, speedy investigations,quick delivery of justice by adding muscle to judiciary, minimum governance and a demonstration of the governments’ sincerity would in in a few years minimize if not eliminate this malady.

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  3. jmathur says:

    I had read this article yesterday. Read it again just now. Undoubtedly, it’s a systematically written useful article which throws light on significant aspects of corruption – how it happens and how it can be checked. However it does leave some other vital aspects of this phenomena. There’s more to corruption (and a conscientous person’s conduct) than whatever has been covered in it.

    Jitendra Mathur

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    • gc1963 says:

      Please elaborate.


      • jmathur says:

        Putting a premium on our harminious relationship, I am reluctant for a lengthy discussion in this context. In a nutshell, I can only say that truth is not limited to the extent of perception or vision of a truthful person, there can always be a part of truth hidden from his eyes or overlooked by him due to his superiority-complex emerginf from a sense of being honest or truthful or a man of character. This self-glorifying approach blurs the vision of a truthful person and makes him unable to see some other sides of the cubicle called truth. The fact is that many honest and truthful ones with high morals embedded in their personalities are compelled to become the accomplices of the corrupt. The fact of being family men or having undiscardable responsibilities force such people to fall in line with the corrupt around them. And they do it with heavy burden on their consciences and hearts. Mind it, they have not sold their souls to the devil. The harsh truth is that more often than not might lies on the side of the evil and good ones have to bow their heads before it if they cannot afford to perish alongwith their dependable ones. Such things are hard to be understood by those who have not experienced them or similar ones.


    • gc1963 says:

      Your reply appears to be driven by certain very personal experiences. Theefore, I refrain from comment ing on the same.


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