Does honesty make you vulnerable? This is the question that is pestering me day and night, of late. In a world of reigning hypocrisy, disguise, exploitation, dishonesty, back-stabbing, cut-throat rivalry and perversion in the name of everything that is human, where does an honest person stand?

It is utter stupidity to be scrupulously honest would say the skeptical. Most honest people are because they do not weigh the implications of their forthrightness. What impact it may or may not have on the other person. They are just happy that they have expressed their mind and kept their conscience clear. They go for the absolute not the surface value. But there is nothing absolute in this world. It’s a myth! Utopia!

Tactless? Yes, definitely so, to be honest. What is tact then? It’s the other name for diplomacy. When one minces words and tries to give a nice picture where there exists none. Or paints half-truths in overly convincing manner so as not to induce ripples on the surface of calm waters. Tact reinforces human faith in illusion and beguile, in misguided expedience and in deliberate pretense.

Honesty, like sincerity, does not always pay. Why? Because honesty is not in the larger interest of the society/civilization/creation et all. It is divinely engineered for the demon to reside with the angel in the name of ecological balance in this vast matrix of cosmic interplay. And honesty being an angelic quality has to make way for the satanic vices. Otherwise how would God make His presence felt?

Having said all that, one would take for granted that it is prudent to have a blanched variety of virtues in any equation be it personal relationship or any other arrangement of work convenience or social obligation. Remember what happened to Tess when she bared her heart to Angel Clare? She was condemned and left alone to fend for herself, definitely not forgiven. Or can you think of giving a no-holds-barred appraisal of what you think of your boss at work place? It will be blasphemous! Disastrous!

So, honesty runs the highest risk of being misunderstood, misconstrued and mangled. Like all other virtues, honesty too has an inbuilt quotient of defeat… of being compromised. So what is the option we are left with? The exact opposite one where you let situation decide how best your moves can be so as to have an upper hand over your opponent/partner/rival/negotiator/boss. And the smarter and cleverer your maneuvers are, successful and worldly wise you stand to be in people’s eyes.

Strange, that is, I always wonder why then the virtues have at all been conceived, classified and brandished as timeless? The only reason seems to be that eternally they exist to be shortchanged and increasingly devalued, invariably diffused with certain amount of opportunism and our damned sense of convenience.

I have tried to be honest in most situations. Again, I have tried and that is an honest statement, idiotically so. And always made myself prone to jeers, conjectures of the worst order and misrepresentations. Yet, unfailingly I have pursued the path which makes me feel good and unalloyed. So is there a feel good factor about honesty? Yes, to those who wish to have a stronger voice and a clearer conscience in life! Who feel they have never intentionally betrayed or made use of others or benefitted at the expense of the ones whom they can easily trample upon and emerge victorious. But then honesty is just a feeling…a feeling perhaps a little down market. A feeling which does put you on a pedestal. A feeling which does not lend you an enviable fan-following.

And is it easy to be honest? To those who are prone to this disease? No, it’s not. More so because honesty is basically of two types – (1) when you are honest about others or given situations and (2) when you are honest about your own self. And it is the second type that is the hardest because it is not just a tendency or a knack, it is a continuous yet disturbing process. A process of finding yourself out, a process to probe your fears, a process whereby you come face to face with your darkness of mind and soul, a process by which you realize that you still have so much to overcome – your inhibitions, your dreads, your failings, your follies. Harder it is to confess. You may be true to yourself but to be true to others? That is when you become victimized of other’s perceptions. Whether those perceptions are correct or incorrect is relative. But it is then that you are judged, evaluated and thrown aside as an ignominy and seldom extolled for your courage and commitment. A commitment for being true to your own self and others.


So in the final analysis, the utility value of honesty is sub-zero. The risk hazards are aplenty. Then what does one gain out of honesty? For being foolishly open to criticism and falsehood? Mere soul satisfaction? Mere adherence to your self-inflicted principles? Ego fulfillment? Or is it something beyond these experiments with your own self?

I am still musing…trying to find an answer in the maze of unsolvable riddles. What lies beyond the choice of not taking the easy route and stumbling along the difficult path? It is the fire which is kindled to rise above the ashes of your own labyrinthine mind, your own camouflaging intellect, your own blinding truths, your own judgmental intelligence and your own spineless endeavours of evolving in spite of yourself into a better human being. And that itself is reason strong enough to be foolishly yourself in a world of astute go-getters.

It is that torch that lights your way to ultimate freedom of unshackled and unburdened existence. And it is to this light that I bow my head and pray that may I be provided the strength to be on this route forever at the cost of being a loser, of being isolated and left alone.

May I pursue undeterred that leads to YOU…………the divinity of my core!!! The Honest One…



About gc1963

A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. For you on a personal level, honesty truly is the only way and I don’t think any amount of rationalising or “reality-checks” is gonna change that and that is just as well. I suppose we need every kind of person 🙂

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  2. Rakesh Pandey says:

    Very true and thoughtful! Everyone is basically honest. It’s just the thought of consequences makes one lie. The one, who sticks to the truth, even in the face of adversity, is a Mahatma.

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  3. indrani9 says:

    You have spoken your heart, I can see. The thing is honesty can hurt at times. Also, truth keeps changing- just think about this.

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    • gc1963 says:

      Yes, I agree. But the intention is not to hurt but to present it in a way that the point is made home without making anyone feel guilty or sorrowful. (There is a thin line of demarcation between honesty and bluntness). But at times. all your calculations go awry. And in fact, you cannot be honest by calculation.

      It is also true that my honesty can be somebody else’s burden….too much to carry. At times I tend to forget that….

      But most of the times, am trying to be honest about myself…if that is construed as accusatory I can’t help..

      And true that truth keeps changing with time….that is why I have said honesty is absolute and not static….

      And absolute means it does have the eternity with it…

      A long explanation….perhaps am giving it to myself

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  4. A thought provoking topic Geetashree, and well analysed. Depending upon how the mind is conditioned to think some find it easier to tweak truths, (extent varying from person to person) while a few find it easier to narrate things as they perceive. At times our perception of certain things may be based on a limited window, may not be factual and may deviate from truth.
    We may think that a person should be true to himself/ herself but each person has his/ her own justification for his actions depending on his/ her level of understanding/ conscience.
    The only generic thing that can be said is that a person’s dishonesty/ honesty should not comes at a cost to others. But here, too, we know that people often attach a higher importance to their gains as compared to the impact on others.

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    • gc1963 says:

      Very well put Somali and I agree with you wholeheartedly….we all have a tendency to reconcile to facts and our interpretation of facts…but honesty need not be factual, you know……………it can be deeper than the surface story……………I was talking here of something that is within you which you may feel trepid to disclose yet disclosure may assume its own significance ….a deeper truth!!

      When we talk of actuality and deviants we are succumbing to relativity….again virtues are all perception-specific ……………agree wholeheartedly …and in doing so I may also be giving my own version of truth , come to think of it 🙂

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      • I understand Geetashree, but even when it comes to something deeper, each person has his/ her own justification. I am not saying that is necessarily correct, but people do think in very different ways and have their own yardsticks…so the only thing that can be checked is that the negative spillover on to others for personal gains should be avoided/contained. But then, who cares? Go-getters don’t.

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      • gc1963 says:

        I agree fully…………there are chances of misinterpretation….am a victim of that as well….yet the self quest continues………………..thanks for being with me…

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  5. About relationship, well yes I agree that a healthy and respectful relationship is one in which people can tell each other anything and everything without inhibitions.

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  6. Amit Agarwal says:

    “Honesty is the best policy” is an old saying or teaching, but given a thought I believe it’s not a ‘policy’…it’s a trait. A person who adopts it as a policy is not honest in the very first place!
    One either has it or doesn’t! Like a dishonest person can not be made honest so is vice versa..come what may they will remain honest…I feel it’s more of ‘innocence’ that nature has blessed them with than anything else…and i spite of the pain and suffering it causes this virtue is worth having in one’s character if gifted by God…so, no regrets!

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  7. We view every thing from our standpoint.Truth has myriad of facets,Everyone may perceive differently.So your truth may vary from other person’s ….
    I do not think that God needs to make His presence felt.We need to feel His presence.
    I believe God does not love perfection.So He created an imperfect world.He wants us to broaden our view to see all the variety of aspects in everything.

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    • gc1963 says:

      Agreed. Truth has myriad facets and changes with time and perception and had to be viewed and understood contextually. However, there is something called moment’s honesty…that is if am faced with a situation or confronting myself, what is my honest take on it.

      God’s presence is felt in the duality of existence, in the paradoxes of situations and in the contradictions inherent in Nature. That is why the angelic virtues have to reside with demonic vices and the war continues forever. Am not questioning Him rather reasserting his omniscience in , as you put it, all the imperfections of this endless cosmic paraphernalia.

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  8. jmathur says:

    Aah ! I am in tears. It’s pretty difficult for me to comment upon this post. The final lines meant for an honest and sincere person who is destined to bear the brunt and endure of pain of being a loser almost everytime and everywhere, are worth more than the whole wealth of this world. God also appears to be taking sides with the mighty and the resourceful and not the honest and the sincere who are underdog and mostly victimized. That’s why a truth-lover should follow the assertion of Mahatma Gandhi – ‘Truth is God’. Let your truth, your conscience, your sincerity, your honesty only be your God.

    Geeta Ji, I have been knowing you for the past many years but today after reading this post of yours only, I have realized your greatness in the true sense. I am proud of my association with you and consider myself as fortunate on this count.


    Jitendra Mathur

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    • gc1963 says:

      Yes. Loosing is worth more than winning and there in lies victory over our own selves. God does not take sides. He is a detached spectator. We will Him to be on our sides. Virtues are made to look like weaknesses so as to bring to light their inherent strength and fieriness…. We are virtuous that is why we are strong and we can protest with fervour against whatever is wrong. We can contempt the vicious and that is, my dear Mathur Sahab, the best way to defeat devilry and put the wicked in their proper place. Take it from me. Do not think you are honest and that is why you have to take a back seat in life. Be contented with what you have got because that is through your personal wealth of goodness that you have gained the surplus value which may be very little when compared to other’s material achievements , for you it is incalculable richness. Do I sound like motivational guru? 🙂 🙂

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  9. Vimala Ramu says:

    I am one of those who suffer from this ‘malady’ of ‘being honest’. But living in a civilised (dissembled) society, you do pay a price for being ‘absolutely honest’. While people enjoy you being honest about yourself,( voyeurism?0, they like you to be all diplomatic (civilised) when it concerns them
    I liked the article, Geeta.

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  10. Bikramjit says:

    But the question is who decides what is honesty. . What we may think is honesty might not be..

    I am not sure if u can call myself honest or good or tactful but I am who I am.. good for some bad for others.. but then ain’t we all that.

    Lovely article 🙂 made me think about myself. ..

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  11. I don’t know much about honesty but definitely i can will have more peace of mind then others who are other side of table

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