Beauty In Anonimity

Nameless Joy

This is the handiwork of my maali who is, at present, playing truant. And I am no phenomenal photographer. All my pics are just impulsive clicks on my mobile, sometimes my canon! And I know they are flawful and not always very pleasing.

That apart….

Flowers are joyous blooms in any garden. Though I do not have a sprawling lawn I have made moderate space outside my flat to add a splash of green to an unremarkable façade. And green it is mostly because grooming flowers is not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, the greenery takes on a velvety sheen after a vigorous downpour.  A reason for joyous melody and cadence, no doubt! In other seasons, it embodies the spirit of the times –  woebegone in scorching summer, melancholic in freezing winter, wispy in wistful autumn and glorious in breezy spring.

But maalis being maalis, they often coax me to go overboard, especially, during the beginning of a season.  And tempt me with different varieties of exotica. But I have seen these flowering plants don’t last long. Perhaps, I am not as caring as they require me to be or the maalis take me for a ride or  it’s just some kind of jinx.

Howsoever ephemeral their presence may be, yet they do infuse colour in  the monochromatic setting. And the visual splendour is breathtaking!

The Short-lived Poinsettias

I couldn’t save this one! Lack of knowledge and treatment. And I have promised myself not to go extravagant next time.

Clumps of Colour

Often, little chirpy birds become my guests. But being callous,  I have just enjoyed their merry songs and not captured the memory through the lens. More than once. I have suffered from late reflexes and the idea of getting a click has struck me after they have spread their wings to the sky.

Au Revoir

At times I fail to remember when they left me and got one with dust. Does a true Nature lover think like that? I wonder whether this phase of gardening is as whimsical and fanciful  as other leisure-time activities of mine.

The Wilting Song

This was just before withering. As usual, the thought of memento-ing it was an afterthought.

The Winking Flower & The Broken Edge

Don’t miss the broken edge of the pot. That’s very much me…..a little fractured, a little mended!!!

The Shadow & The Smile

The flowers are the same as in the first picture above. But see the play of light – a day fading away and a petite blossom rising up to the occasion with a heart brimming with the optimism to stay on….

The Monarch Of All She Surveys

And that’s Rinky Rani, on a dull winter evening, in a bullying stance – the monarch of all she surveys!!! My guard is my greatest, benefactor, no, opposite, the uncontrollable mischief maker, who has devastated more than protected. Yet, she is so dear – “mere qatil mere dildaar mere saath raho“!

The Laughing Monk

LM In A Dozing Stance

In A Contemplative Mode

And The Squad Of MMs (Mischief Makers)

And she has her cronies too….I call her the Laughing Monk…Ms.Brown and Company….

Sunshine Through The Barbs

She is like the blob of sun peeping through a barbed earth! Life is like that, isn’t it?

A Rush Of Red

Fire In The Woods

We had grown clumps of Bougainvillea in the park adjacent to our flat. A few days back men from the Horticulture Department mowed the entire park down in a bid to renovate it soon! When God only knows…. till then its just the bereft brown earth and a few left-over forlorn growths…


I clicked this one near my office in front of  State Bank of Hyderabad building.  It reminded me of the one I had planted in my modest garden once, but not to survive for long. I don’t know the name of the flower (for that matter any of the above). My colleague says these are edible too! I am not sure of that. If anyone knows the name(s) do let me know please.

Till then let me enjoy the sight of this anonymous beauty….Anamika!!! For lack of name or for redundancy of a name… Nature’s abundance need not be contained by name, species, genera……………those are for us narrow-visioned humans.


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  1. Flowers blooming at any place or corner bring joy to the viewer. Nice post in appreciation of the anonymous beauty. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Abhijit says:

    Beautiful flowers, adorable dogs. It is a joy when flowers bloom. One can see life process express itself in our presence.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Sooooo beautiful!! You’ve a lovely place… I loved the picture of the ‘laughing monk’ … 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. jmathur says:

    Yes, there’s beauty in anonymity. I don’t have so many flowers blooming in my home. However we keep flowerpots on the roof of our residential quarter and whenever some odd flower comes up blooming in any of them, it becomes a source of immense joy for us (especially for me because of my penchant for aestheticism). Our colony is studded with natural beauty with a small jungle also nearby. Hence the greenery, different kinds of wild flowers and the huge bushes of bougainville coming up and spreading on their own are a source of boundless joy for the lovers of natural beauty like myself.

    You have posted very beautiful snaps. Alongwith the snaps of flowers and bougainville, I am also very much impressed by the snaps of dogs. I am an animal lover and especially fond of dogs whom I have almost always found as not only loyal and grateful but also kind and caring.

    This post of yours has conquered my heart.

    Jitendra Mathur


  5. Hummingwords says:

    Dogs are angles!! cute dog!!

    lovely flowers!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Amit Agarwal says:

    The blooms are lovely no doubt but they look brilliant with your words along!

    Liked by 2 people

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