Nest : Shot at Dadhikar Fort

Nest : Shot at Dadhikar Fort

Nesting is primordial to living beings. Nest represents love, comfort, care and creativity. How we build and maintain our nests depends on our intrinsic sense of workmanship and beauty.

Nest also implies security and safety. It is the fount of happiness which provides us with confidence and courage to face the world at large. Nest is where we dream and dare as well. It is where we experience and experiment. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. With success comes determination to forge ahead. And when we fail the nest is our fall back.

We happened to spot this nest at our recent trip to Dadhikar Fort. On searching the net, I found that this type of nest is built by weaver birds which are basically from sub-Saharan Africa and a few found in tropical Asia. There are buffalo, sparrow, typical and widow weavers in this family of birds. The male weavers painstakingly  build the nests to lure the female counterparts! These are brightly coloured, seed eating birds deriving their name from  their habit of weaving     nests which are conical in shape with a narrow opening at the bottom.

 Birds only fly and chirp!! But do not underestimate them. They can also build elaborate nests wherein nestle colourful dreams.

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  1. jmathur says:

    A lot has been read by us about the weaver bird since our childhood (when we used to learn about the animals and the birds through our books as well as the live ones seen in our surroundings). This skilfully woven nest itself is an example of the brains as well as the entrepreneurial and diligent nature of the weaver bird, something we can learn and absorb in our lives. Thanks for reminding all this through this post and the photo.

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  2. umashankar says:

    There is indeed much more than chirping and flying to birds. Your post reminds me an overwhelming story that I had read in my childhood, the contents of which largely remain forgotten except an awakening to the life of birds. Thank you.

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  3. Bikramjit says:

    reminds me of the scene just behind out little house in village there are a lot of tree and they are full of NEsts like that one and early morning you wake up to their chripinggggg

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  4. KP says:

    You have beautifully weaved a story about nests,weaver birds and their colourful dreams!


  5. Yes… Birds do dream for a better home !

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