People have family physician. We have a family Orthopedic surgeon, which rather explains the situation. Simply putting, we are a family of ‘brittle bones’. Maa’s been suffering from chronic Arthritis. Since when? I don’t even remember the exact day/date/year.  As far back as my memory travels time, I have always seen Maa limping. And it has always been like that.

“Arthritis is 25% hereditary,” says Dr. M, “You’ve got to take great care.” He peers into the X-ray for the twenty-fifth time and lets go a single sigh – deep, resonating and ominous.

“What’s wrong now?” I whisper.

“Nothing extraordinary. Your heel bone is protruding out.” He points at the X-ray plate and I stare incredulously at the slim, white curvy thing sticking out by the right side of my right heel. It is quite apparent. Somewhat like the curved edge of a sharp blade. Or more like a curly baby horn popping out on the soft head of a calf. It nods its head incessantly – a vigorous attempt  to get rid of the monster plonked on its head. But  as much as it may try the appendage won’t disengage and is determined to make its presence felt.

So is the case with me. I feel the pain 24 x 7 – an excruciating, throbbing, debilitating sensation which increases ten folds as I place my foot gently on the floor. The thought of a sedate walk is something of a luxury now. The painful inheritance enriches me  with newer devices to keep me balanced on my two feet, however weak and handicapping these may be. Necessity is the mother of all inventions, as they say !!!

“And it is going to get worse day by day.” Dr. M’s prediction coagulates in my brain as soon as the words drop from his lips.

What nonsense! I have never heard of such….

My physiotherapist  Kapil is more illustrative, “What happens when you press a gob of clay hard with your hand from the top ? It gives in under the  pressure and spreads out like melted butter. So is the case with your foot. It is unable to bear your body weight… ”

And my heel is spreading out its tentacles….” I finish for him.

“There’s only one solution to your plight.” Says Dr. M, “Reduce a few kilos in three to four months time and you’ll be much relieved of the present discomfort.”

This is the first time ever that Dr. M has spoken of dislodging the carbs off my girth that I have so fondly accumulated over a period of more than two decades. Earlier whenever I have broached the subject, he has been emphatic that a few kilos are essential for an influential persona. It kind of adds to your personality.

Now…. How? How do I say good riddance to my body fat which has always been so stoically loyal to me in every season of my life – my days of adversity as well as merry moods? Ooooh! The unfaithful me!!!I am sure I’ll suffer from identity crisis when I see my scrawny self in the mirror months later?

My sis has a ready solution, as she always has, “Join a Diet Club ?”

What? You pay to lose what has been yours for sooo long ? I am aghast.

“That’s the in thing.” She says and counts examples of all those illustrious colleagues who have exerted supreme will power and got converted into trimmer bodylines in no time.

“They’ll put you on husks, chaff and bran.” Informs my 03.00 am friend (or foe, I wonder!)

“Thanks”. I grimace.


It took a few weeks more to put me on the path of renunciation. Had it not been for my chauffeur, who by some quirk of fate, one fine evening pulled up right in front of Sweta Nakra’s Diet Clinic by mistake, I would have endlessly bidden time to get mentally prepared to give myself a break off the platter of ‘good food’ and that chilled glass of swirling calories.

But that is not all.

License precedes check.

Last that I entered the cardiologist’s clinic, I made sure I had a sumptuous fill of chocolate pastries before he could tell me to be off all that I lived for.

This time before Sweta took me over completely a sudden spell of gluttony had a stronghold on my palate. It so happened that the week previous to my fateful visit to Sweta’s, everywhere that I went, people were talking of Chicken Changezi and how forebodingly delicious it was. Even those who were on a strict  regime, gave examples of how their fridge, at that very moment, was loaded with bowls full of Chicken Changezi to which they had said a disinterested no and looked away, amazed at their own will power and lack of desire, which in turn, proved how a nutrient rich diet could make you think differently and elevate you to a higher mental plane where you easily gave up on what was so dear to you just a few months back, without batting an eyelid.

I would have emerged so called ‘inspired’, had I not laid my eyes on that tumbler full of  rich, brown Chicken (Changezi what else?) curry, with the oil spilling all over the plate placed  strategically underneath, in my sis’ fridge. And the inevitable happened…

The next few days were spent battling with stomach ache and cramps precursor to an intestinal malfunction…

So much so for the taste of the tongue.


My chi is back in town. No, I am not talking about my maid. Chi – the  Pranic life force, the core of my being, is now right in place, whirling around the seven chakras of my body in perfect rhythm as I munch on salt-less salads, sip on insipid soups and gulp down oil-less curries with glasses of warm water, I am in seventh heaven. As long as my jaws get their regular biting exercise, nothing is distasteful. In fact, I have come upon the  gateway to a whole new world where everything is healthy and healing.

And I am happy coz I still have something fresh and untested  to hog on…..

Thanks to Sweta who have kept me alive sill with her ‘scientifically’ planned meals.

Happy Munching….

Image from Al Jawahar’s


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  1. Vimala Ramu says:

    wow, that was one heck of an entertaining blog. Losing kilos with your good humour in tact? That’s an achievement. Wish you all the luck. BTW, was your protruding bone a calcaenic spur? It happens to everyone and disappears on its own after sometime, No need to lose weight on its account !


  2. gc1963 says:

    Dear Vimala,

    I really do not know whether it was a calcaenic spur or a curse of Mother Nature.
    The only thing I knew was the unbearable agony of nurturing an additional fixture, which otherwise God’s plan while conceptualizing my vital statistics, did not include.

    As far as the humour is concerned, I do not think I have much choice either but to go through the ordeal with a smile!

    Obesity is something which you can do without unless and until you are too bogged down with your own laziness and lack of will. So speaks the one which is all of the latter.

    Forgive me for being preachy and condescending.

    Thanks for being the first one to comment on this post of mine.





  3. Health, humour and a soup of deep philosophy.. Loved reading it ! But do take care of your health… Warm Regards


  4. greenspeckblogger says:

    Why care about diet when you can relish such an enticing meal 😀


  5. umashankar says:

    That was an engrossing read. The Chicken Changezi is symbolic in several ways to me, as in jalebis or a peg of fine blended scotch. I wonder if it is as bad as smoking, or binge drinking. I can relate to your predicament, I seem to have inherited a bad case of Triglycerides. Apparently, bad cholesterol kills. Last time it was so bad the doc was annoyed I had a normal blood pressure. Of course, i don’t consult him anymore. So what do I do? Shun sweets and carbohydrates (what do i eat then?), walk briskly and shed more weight (how much more? I ‘m already skinny!). No wonder I have no clue where my Chi has vanished!


    • gc1963 says:

      Hmm that is exactly what I told my Cardiologist. If you ban everything I may not have a coronary attack but I’ll die of depression. He was wise enough to know what I meant. 🙂


  6. “What? You pay to lose what has been yours for sooo long ?” 😀 😀

    Absolutely much so that I momentarily forgot to feel sorry for your pain…

    Take care and get well soon… 🙂


  7. hitchy says:

    Ha ha ha Fun read! 😀

    You know I went to Kareem’s and when we left Kareems my friend told me Jawhar is also super food… but well only if I had another stomach! 😛


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