Image0323Sense of well being is as elusive as success and as tangible as profit. By the time readers stop gawking at the inappropriateness of the analogy, lemme illustrate for the sake of lucidity. When I was offered this coveted post far away from my home ground, I was so encumbered with the bitter botherations of day-to-day living that the euphoria of hitting the jackpot failed to overwhelm me for quite a few years down the line. My dear colleagues, poking fun at my “size zero” figure, would point out that I was one of those few exceptions who managed to retain the “impoverished” look even after guzzling down a few generous fills of the silver tonic which was temptingly packaged with the cushy job. In response, I would be suitably apologetic stammering out lame excuses for the benefit of the prying eyes and wagging tongues. It took a transfer (with promotion) back home for the maiden gush of prosperity to manifest in my vital statistics. Not to mention the sheer despondency of my seamstress who was positively hassled by the few inches which required to be added to my outfits bi-monthly to make them in any way wearable.

The long and short of the story is that though a pot-belly, by the Indian standards, may be the most adequate representation of well-being, it is actually the mindset that has the remote access. Again, it’s rather funny with this neighbour of mine incessantly crying poverty or ill-health when its quite obvious otherwise. The worldly-wise tell me that whining-and-nagging-in-public is an effective antidote to the Black Eye (read Envy) of the Jealous Ones which invariably your wellness attracts. To be very honest, I am guilty of applying the same tactics at times, especially with the ones who have a tendency to go green at your smallest of successes. Sadly by doing so, I realize I am actually employing negative vibes to kill negative vibes thereby perpetuating the same. As I write this, my 03.00 am friend here judiciously prompts that it is our innermost fears and insecurities which play spoilers. “Won’t it be better the sooner we accept that everything which adds up to our comfort level is as ephemeral as life itself? Take each day as it comes.” She sermonizes with that know-all look which at times irritates me to no end. Yet, I cannot help but munch on her preaching.

We feel we are doing well when we are comfortable with our own selves. The slightest sense of unease disrupts the balance impelling us to grope for external saviours to put the equation straight. Well being is a state of mind and like all other mental manifestations, the element of whimsicality is ingrained in its genesis. No wonder, our ancient rishis and sages harped on inner calm rather than material acquisitions. Unfortunately, mere mortals equate wellness with all that comes with creation and proliferation of wealth. And as we are inevitably sucked into the vortex of this mad, mad worldly existence we forget to pause awhile and ask ourselves : “Are we really doing well?”

A seemingly harmless question, rather insignificant, you may say with a scoff, “Of course, I am doing well. See the shining car which I have whisked off the showroom just yesterday although on exorbitant rate of interest. So what? But yes, now I confiscate more space on-road in comparison to the tax that I have shelled out for the same, haven’t I?” True, my friend, you’ve added another feather to your overcrowded cap and another worry to your overburdened brain. It is this very same reason that makes it almost imperative to take a stock of things within and around at regular intervals. Open the floodgates of introspection, face your innermost dilemmas, confirm to your ownself whether your present sense of achievement is not backed by ruthless maneuvers to pull down somebody else who was its rightful claimant, direct all useless thoughts to the recycle bin to delete them permanently, take ownership of your past, present and future, prioritize material goals viz-a-viz their intrinsic worth, vacate your mind of all guilt and restart life without looking back. Do this exercise time and again till you are habituated of it and I promise you won’t require that bottle of sleeping pills by your bedside for a good night’s nightmare-less sleep.

So friends, wake up fresh and ask yourselves: “Are you actually doing well?”


About gc1963

A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. umashankar says:

    Some attain Nirvana at the sight of a moving corpse, some at the sight of a moving Mercedes. That said, the credit culture is a plague.


  2. jmathur says:

    Geeta Ji,

    This post is as beautiful and full of positive energy as the pair of red flowers shown in the attached picture. Yes, we should ask this question to us every morning. Wellness is only a state of mind. If the mind (say the heart) confirms that we are doing well, then definitely we are doing well and vice-versa because the heart tell a lie to the one whose chest it resides in.


    Jitendra Mathur


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