Its been raining heavily in the Capital. The poor, dented, pot-holed roads are getting water logged as usual. The aftermath? Endless hours wasted in navigating through clogged traffic to and fro office.

Breaking all records, this year even the VVIP roads got submerged under water adding an extra frown on the PM’s forehead, when one cloudy morning, his convoy got stranded in knee-deep water right in front of his residence. Did he complaint or voice his disapproval to the CM? Or forgave her in his usual taciturn way? We never know. But Ms. Dixit did come out with another one of her placid, janta-jaaye-bhaad-mein comment, “If you want to stay away from traffic woes, do pray to God to stop the rains”. How convenient. When you don’t get anyone else to pass the blame on, throw the responsibility on the ever-strong shoulders of none-other-than God himself.  Aakhir bhagwan kab kaam aayenge…

In the meantime, the common man donned his/her raincoat and unfurled the umbrella to dive into the pool of dirty, pollutant-ridden river to wade  through to and fro workplace.

And as for myself…Well, I always wanted to canoe through the water ways of Venice knowing fully well that this wish is never going to be fulfilled at least in this janam. But the angels heard me and in an expansive mood brought the waterways down to our Mahaan nation Bharat.

While Ms. Dixit sits comfortably in her secretariat, which from the exterior looks like a plush five-star hotel, twirling her grey locks, with one impatient finger, waiting for the clock to strike the closing hour whence she can swoosh past all traffic back to her cozy den, the common man sweats it out on the choc-o-bloc roads adding some more H2O to the already lapping torrents around its mud-caked feet . Haai re kismet!






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  1. My Say says:

    similar is the condition go to any city of the nation .. rains flood the lanes ..municipalities open the drains …the best part of India is ..66 years of Independence .. things remain as it is 😀


  2. umashankar says:

    Why am I not feeling envious apart from the fact that I am not a sick chief minister of a sicker state?


  3. Indrani says:

    If the roads are full of water, some pockets too are full of money. I am not surprised.


  4. Geetaji, why do the media always harp on water logged roads as if they are a blotch on civilization? When there is water shortage and drought, we want rain – but when it rains and it becomes water logged, we behave as if it should never be – I find it that the media loves a water logged story – esp of vips or vvips. These same stupid media guys will cry croc tears when in Maharastra, water shortage is so acute, that it is rationed in mugs and buckets,. Water logging will ALWAYS take place as long as we don’t arrange/prepare for rainwater harvesting. We spread concrete all over the city, NOT allowing the water to go anywhere, and complain of water logging! Rain is essential, Geetaji! 😉


  5. Humour, satire and social awareness- you combine them all so well!


  6. aparnabose says:

    its same everywhere dear.. but still you have a linient chiefminister compared to ours.. cant write anything about or against her as i am not a ‘maobaadi'(maoist)…


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