Life is made up of those tiny tot moments which assume significance on hindsight. When we look back these have contoured into happenings –  sad or happy; fortunate or unfortunate, lovely or hateful. Remember Gulzaar Sahab’s famous line : ” ik baar waqt se lamha gira kaheen, wahaan dastaan mili, lamha kahin nahin...”?

The whirling momentum, the dashing speed , a cursed bend …lo! the moment’s gone before we can space breath from breath and  gather the import and thrust  of actually experiencing them. That’s how one may define ephemeral.

The Unrecorded Moments

And perhaps that is why the consolidated human efforts over the period of history to bind these moments in prints, pictures, portraits and numerous other forms. Alas! Moments have also slipped by unrecorded because the paraphernalia to trap time in frames or volumes were not available to mankind at that point of time. What a pity! But where science fails human imagination takes over! These dark spaces have been reconstructed with the help of fossilized evidences endowing a mystique to our very past and a mystery for the present to solve. We have vacillated between hypotheses and knowledge. Interestingly! It is time which has lent the devices to tell the tale of time!!!

Crucifixion of Christ – A Legendary Moment

Moments, known as well as unknown, are both special, because both have made us – the human species. Myth and matter have equally shaped our destiny.  Human kind has always oscillated between what to  believe and what not to believe and resurrection to the level next has always been preceded and prompted by legendary moments.

Moments which have re-coursed time are bunched in history. A staunch believer in Science once asked me what good history is to mankind? “Its just dates”, he said. Well didn’t History date Science too?

Redoubtably, the chronology of dates have bestowed us our past, present and future. And the devious man has been unstoppable in his pursuit of imprisoning moments, crucial as well as ordinary.

Moments – disgraceful, spellbinding, cathartic or simply historical- have all been special to humanity because they have cumulated experience exponentially.

Disgraceful Moments

The Atomic Disaster

The Atomic Disaster

The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Holocaust - Disgraceful

The Hiroshima-Nagasaki Holocaust – Disgraceful!!!












Spellbinding moment

Einstein's Theory Of Relativity - Spellbinding

Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity – Spellbinding

Cathartic moment

Peak Of A Soulful Rendition - Cathartic

Peak Of A Soulful Rendition – Cathartic

Historical moment

The Maiden Moonwalk - Historical

The Maiden Moonwalk – Historical

In our microcosm of reality, fond memories are garlanded in a single thread called reminiscence. 

My pet, Mr. Snowboot, who departed to doggy-heaven in 2011, leaving us heartbroken. We cherish his memories as special as never before.

Mr. Snowboot - So Very Special

Mr. Snowboot – So Very Special

In this roller-coaster ride called life, rare moments of togetherness are so very special.

My sister’s marriage anniversary and that’s my brother-in-law. What does he want actually ?Savour the cake or eat up the chocolatey moment?


Savouring the chocolatey moment

When Neil Armstrong had the first view of the Earth from his spacecraft, it was a moment miniscule in time-frame yet epic in proportion.  Amidst the vastness of the cosmos the insignificance of human conquests is a compelling  truism.


Earth Viewed In Space – Epiphany

Varied moments are special in varied ways  – some in larger perspective and a few in smaller, microscopic ways.  The loss and gain of a moment cannot be measured by its duration. If moment be the tiniest unit of time its all the more potent in its quantum significance.

Ultimately, it is the human perception which attributes specialness to everything that is around or bygone or would be. As is our existence specialness is relative. It is we who choose to either blow things out of proportion or push them under the carpet. We the people, the opinion mongers, the brand makers, the hype creators.

If introspected dispassionately, the nameless flower which grows in the corner of a ramshackle garden is also special because it denotes the spring of life, be it any season.

A nameless flower blooming in my little garden - Special

A nameless flower blooming in my little garden – Special

Notwithstanding, the specialness hidden within the mundane and the routine, human mind has a tendency to impute value to what is larger than life.  I think adulation germinates from or manifests this particular human trait.  For my colleague, Shah Rukh Khan is so special that she is ready to play the second fiddle in his life.

For me love is special because it does not adhere to rules and bounds. It is endearingly spontaneous. And that is what has kept the human race going, in spite of  all its failings and crazy notions of supremacy, its ability to love unconditionally, is so, so special. However, we may distrust and brood over its degeneration and impending downfall, its power and the potential to love sublimely has still not completely eroded. Don’t you agree?

Love is beautiful Love is alluring At the same time It is so very simple And that is why It is uniquely special

Love is beautiful
Love is alluring
At the same time
It is so very simple
And that is why
It is uniquely special

This post is my contribution for  PADE. Today’s theme :Special.


About gc1963

A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. jmathur says:

    Who is Geetashree Chateerjee ? A philosopher ? A poetess ? An authoress ? An aesthetic ? Perhaps a unique blend of all these. You have integrated the pictures which are very very personal as well as the pictures which belong to the things universally known in your philosophical post like stringing beautiful flowers of different species and different colours in a single garland which may not be found anywhere else or which may not be made by anybody else. There’s little here for me to disagree.

    Take a bow Geeta Ji.


    Jitendra Mathur


  2. My Say says:

    a thoughtful post in short ! nicely presented ! World is because love is. 🙂


  3. umashankar says:

    Time and memory are malleable, relative, imperfect and highly subjective. You may call the mixture a story, or a history. Those are apocalyptic moments for humans. Yet, did they affect your neighbours or the seagulls or the dolphins?

    You have captured the essence in your post.


  4. Jyoti Mishra says:

    A picture captures a moment..
    the moment which is gone for forever.. but we relives it again n again by looking at it


  5. Kalyan says:

    simply beautifully captured shots…lovely!


  6. Nice interesting pictures . The memories of the past


  7. gc1963 says:

    Thanks Kulwant


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