Well! I am a bit fudged tonight after the day’s hard work and grime. So when Sfurti and Ritu announced “Tools” as the theme for PADE for today I made a face thinking for a nine to five pen pusher like me  what can be the tools of survival but these :


No! These files are not dust-ridden and certainly not bound by that dreaded red tape. Rather with a workaholic boss like mine I tend to be somewhat like this :


Hey! Don’t look so shocked!!! I am sure by 2020 our office shall attain that admirable status of being absolutely paperless. Until then, we have to do with the lackluster artifices of a colourless workplace. Colourless did I say? Not exactly. Is it?

Image0304 And then there is that ubiquitous PC without which you just have to put your pen down and sulk because you can’t do without the key board, the mouse or the “Goddess of Small Men and Women” – the internet. Now, as I write, I simultaneously mule over the self-coined epithet. Oh! Will the PC grudge if I impose the gender feminine on her or feel more privileged with the male tag! Or will it better be androgynous – rolling over to either camp as and when it suits  best. Wicked thought! Wicked thought!

But hey! Don’t miss the peeping Toms right behind the monitor. Yes , those are the Image0306lunch plates. That’s what we exactly do  at work. Hog and sweat it out.

😀 😀 😀 😀

And then when the rotten rut becomes too overbearing on the nerves I quietly fish out my diary and steal a few couplets out of time. Shhhhhh! That’s my own little secret. Don’t you tell that to my boss!!! Pleeeeeeeeease!!!



Prestige Issue

Back home the foodie in me takes over – somewhat like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde. One of my colleagues, once meanly accused me of having Multiple Personality Disorder. Character assassination I call that!!! Coming back to my culinary creativity.  Inspired by my co-bloggers’ food blogs, I wanted to start one. But then I found my utensils unclickable. You know what I mean. So, I went and bought this all-purpose Prestige Pressure Pan. Since then there has been no stopping me. What with cooking and clicking!!!



But wait!! There’s more to come. And then there are days when I want to give a hard time to my neighbours and sing myself sore.

😀 :D.  Now, enough of myself.

Pondering over the larger connotation, everyone has his or her methodical madness or method in their madness. For every madness there need be a tool. Even as I write these gibberish in my blog space I find the left margin of the screen boasts of an icon captioned “Tools”.


Imp’s Tool

For the imp in my life who bundles me up to and fro office, the four wheeler is his tool. Now, what do we exactly mean by a tool? That by which we earn our bread and butter? Or the one with which we identify ourselves?

Whenever I see her singing I am  reminded of an Pc0160500[1]engrossed craftsman at work. As the Nightingale of India captures and emotes every single emotion that a human heart is capable of feeling,  her mesmerizing, honey coated vocals  become her tool she is known by!

human-bodyEvery time I have been confined to bed with some serious or non-serious ailment, I have become acutely aware of my body – the ever grinding machine that we take for granted. Every cog in that machine is so well-coordinated and well orchestrated. It is this tool that enables us to breathe in life! It is this tool that makes us aware of our surrounds! It is this tool that salivates for more! It is this tool that eggs us on! It is this tool that also gives up at times!!

It is when we wonder how this tool works with such precise perfection,  the limitless canvas of a Child, who loves to toy with cosmic churns, unfolds in all its glory and splendour. Aren’t we simply the tools in those Invisible Hands?

Through us He manifests. With us He plays. And in infinite boredom the mould at last He breaks….


The Cosmic Churn

Before alighting on the Earth as Mahamaya, the reincarnate of Shakti, Maa Durga was empowered by various Gods and Goddesses with chosen weaponry and tools, to facilitate her victory upon the demon king Asura. Thus, embellished Mahishasura Mardini came down upon The Evil One in her belligerent best. Thus goes the mythological lore which symbolizes the significance and interconnect between Tools and Power.

The question that now crops up naturally is : Are we using our Tools the way we should ? Or have they deprecated to being the manifests of ill-used Power?

Howsoever small or strong, the instruments of crafts and constructs may assume an annihilative format depending upon the usage they are put to. Therein perhaps lies the inherent anomaly of creation and progression. The suitability of today may pave the way to decay and disaster of the future wherefrom the ashes shall emerge a newer and more apt Order of the Day.

Along with the continuum of human civilization, tools have been devised and regenerated to suit the Purpose of Time. Thus, has moved on the Neanderthal Man, through blizzard and bliss, from  scrapers and bladelets to the Wheel of the Agrarian Age charting a sometime downhill and at others uphill course, to the Armoury of the Nuclear Globe – Mankind has come a long way without a break but would do better to pause a while and ruminate whether the Tools remain in their hands or they have been transferred in the hands of the Tool. 

File:Burin 213 5 Global.jpgRemember Dr. Otto Octavius of Spiderman II?

 This post is shared with PADE. Today’s theme : Tools


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A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. magiceye says:

    Cool take on the theme! Blogging is a tool for catharsis?


  2. RituKT says:

    hehe. You went literal with Tools like me. Same pinch!


  3. My Say says:

    well !! Perceptions !! real test of perception this contest is .. and when it comes to versatile thinking ma’m you are a Milkha 🙂
    Tools ended they are ! Thank you for reminding Durga puja … ayi to ko ekta maas aar 🙂


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