A Shaded Street Going Nowhere

Yeh raah kahaan se hai, Yeh raah kahaan tak hai, Is raah ka koi raahi, samjha hai na jaanaa hai…” I love these vagabond street, alleys, bends winding through the city and leading nowhere. Remember “...Ek akela is shahar mein…

Well, the streets are not so aimless after all and they do reach somewhere if we choose to notice. Alas! the overwhelming wanderlust which swishes us through the hurricane of life never gives so much of a chance to stand and stare.


The Chaiwallah Just By The Bend Of My Block

Most of these pics were taken through a speeding vehicle going to and fro Office. The “Shor In The City” is as deafening as is the silences accompanied sometimes by lengthening shadows.


The Leaf Strewn Street Right Outside My Dwelling

Seeney mein jalan aankhon mein toofan sa kyun hai, Is shahar mein har shaqs pareshaan sa kyun hai” perhaps holds true for all cities and metros of the world where human hold has constrained space and peace.


Shor In The City

All said and done streets are beautiful, panoramic and personify the pulse of the city. Don’t they?


The Heritage Street

Shared with PADE. Today’s theme : Street


About gc1963

A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. Lovely Geetashree…you know the best thing about these photographs…they are talking but there is no noise!!!! Wonderful..loved each of them!


  2. My Say says:

    Indeed !! the pulse of the cities …they describe and lifestyle .. your songs specially Is Sheher mei .. har shaqs .. reminds .. streets are so much a reflection !!Perfect !!


  3. Sini Rachel says:

    You have so many pictures! Enjoyed them all and the write up too.


  4. Jyoti Mishra says:

    every road leads us somewhere.. which one you take is the real turn 🙂
    lovely clicks


  5. RituKT says:

    Love the song lyrics accompanying the photos. Fabulous!


  6. sabuj says:

    These are most common snaps of streets. Only writers can look through those shots.
    When photography and writing tunes together, it becomes a good read . And i love the style!
    btw, how r you?


    • gc1963 says:

      Sabuj, really glad to find you on my post after such a long time. And thanks for all the nice words showered! I am fine. I hope you are doing well too. Love


  7. Nice!! Blending of picture and poetry. I must quote Robert Frost here-

    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by”


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