Shoes are worn to encase the feet in comfort. Shoes are worn to beat the roads. Shoes are also a woman’s handy weapon in distress. “A gentleman is known by his shoes” is an old English proverb. “One Two Buckle My Shoe” is the rhyme we have all learnt in nursery. Of late, shoes have come to be a part of a fashionista’s style statement. A globe trotter’s shoes, on the other hand, carry history in their heels. Whereas shoes have been the lucky mascot of a few Cinderellas, to be sure.


Dandi March Stone Sculpted – Gyarah Murti

And then there have been those who have walked bare feet on dust and debris to prove a point. And those who have smilingly renounced these encasements in their seeking spree. I have always treated shoes as shoes – nothing more nothing less – which is quite natural for a person who doesn’t seem to see or think beyond convenience till one fine morning a family of four in the Metro proved me wrong. It was the onset of winter. There was a nip in the air, pleasantly comfortable, as long as you were well covered. They belonged to the milieu that represents the heart of our diverse nation. The boy-child was adequately dressed and being constantly fussed over while the girl-child went bare feet and supremely ignored by the mother. The girl did not seem to mind. Perhaps it was an arrangement she was quite used to. But her ugly, un-encased feet danced before my eyes long after they had de-boarded the train.

While a casually flung shoe can be an engaging example of coquetry, our Parliamentarians have made many a point home by slinging many a pair at each other, while the House is in-session. I once lost my shoes, an unusual favourite, in a crowded Temple. The family astrologer had swooned over this untimely loss and gravely remarked that I was lucky to have gotten over ill-luck. Shoes, a token of disgrace, have thus proven to be harbinger of good tidings!

Poor shoes!
A necessity put under various use !
Shoes have given proxy for banished kings.
Shoes have given away culprits in crime.
Shoes have sheltered secrets in their soles.
Am glad you’re not in my shoes,” Thus speaketh the caged soul!!


The Caged Soul

This is my entry for today’s theme “Shoes” in PADE.

Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee! At last!!!


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A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. Awesome Geetashree again!!! I really look forward to your entries now…such different takes!!!


  2. Harsha says:

    Nice Writeup and if I am not wrong..The above picture is of Delhi right..


  3. RituKT says:

    That is one perfect writeup! I have seen these statues somewhere in Delhi 🙂
    The pictures of your dog make me smile 🙂 Can I have him for a day?


  4. […] Shutterbug“ of Day 10 Shoes is Geetashree. Read the winning entry here. All of the participants had beautiful entries and we had a difficult time choosing the winner, in […]


  5. Geetashree congrats dear for winning the Shutterbug badge for this awesome entry!!! Please copy the badge!!


  6. 🙂 Very interesting treatment of the”shoe” theme. Was reminded of Van Gogh’s famous painting ” A Pair of Shoes.”

    Actually your entry has opened up an area of serious cultural study. As you said, “shoes” have been culturally gendered- from being Cinderella’s ornament to its becoming a symbol of protest and dishonour. As you said, the notion of bare feet has a deep spiritual significance as well! Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed reading it!


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