Your Wish Is My Command

Sharp is not the word that defines me. Though I agree I have those cud chewing faculties that grow with age yet quick wit is not my forte. Resultantly, jibes, jokes, snide, butts fly past like saucers till it dawns upon me to react!

In contrast, my pet Rinky aka Kishmish aka Phoebe is just too smart for words and quick on the uptake, sufficiently so, to know which side of the bread is well buttered. And like all storehouses of talent, she nurtures her own brand of idiosyncrasies, temperaments and tantrums.

Satish, her trainer, was in the Police Dog Squad before he took up the challenge of taming the shrew, you know who! Well he was proud enough not to admit that he found Rinky unmanageable. He often complained that her laziness attributed to her fondness for food. Well I absolutely disagree to that. How could wit and wisdom be sustained without a well-nutritioned physique?

It has taken four months for Rinky to grasp what it means to be lady like. She does give me that knowing look quite often and the demure demeanour is easily contrived for the pics.

These clicks were taken at BD Park near my residence. It was mid-summer afternoon. Not the best of time for canine training. But a trainer with a hectic schedule and a pet who is too willful, you are not left with much choice.

In short, I am not sharp but my pet is and she makes the most of it.


My contribution to today’s theme for PADE : Sharp !


I am listening! I understand ! I am sharp!


About gc1963

A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

10 responses »

  1. Awwwww Geetashree Kishmish is sooo sooo cute!! I have fallen in love with her!!!!!! Muaaaaaahhhhh

    And again a really unique take on the theme!!!!!


  2. RituKT says:

    Awwww, cho chweet. I absolutely love dogs!


  3. My Say says:

    wish I were as Sharp as Rinky is 🙂 The Teacher looks satisfied with the student what more a student needs !!


    • Haaa! Haaa! The teacher worked harder than the student. 🙂 🙂


      • My Say says:

        name a teacher who does not 🙂
        I have learnt so much from you … you have learnt so much more from life .. yours was harder work .. 🙂
        same way 😀


      • The child is philosophical today….How old are you by the way? ….Ahem, sorry, I shouldn’t be asking that question….Definitely not online. 😀

        Here, when I said harder that means the teacher had to work harder to TEACH the stubborn student who was hell bent on not learning or too lazy or carefree to learn! Heee! Heee! Samjhey?


  4. “Kishmish” is so cute!


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