Naturally Disobedient

Show me the face and I’ll show you the Rule” is a common repartee in the arms of the Government. The adage “Rule for one is Rule for all” does not always hold true in the corridors of power.

Thinkers and philosophers have, time and again stressed how the emergence of a cohesive social order out of  the primordial State of Nature necessitated formulation of and adherence to man-made Rules.  

History, at the same time, has witnessed many sagas and blood baths where breaking away from the stranglehold of effete, age-old Rules have paved the way for greater good of greater number.

In the present times, we have painfully observed how Rules have been distorted by the Patricians and even the law-makers themselves to suit their whims and fancies. Rules in the hands of the undeserving have rapidly degenerated into instruments of oppression. Dynamism has, more than once, considered Rules obstructive and restrictive. While the enforcers of law and order would unequivocally quip that subservience to Rules is the pathway to freedom. There will always be those rebellious of Rules , resistant to restraints, naturally disobedient. Yes, Rules  denote compulsion and by virtue are prohibitory. Yet, insubordination to Rules is as suicidal to harmony as  is license detrimental to liberty.

In 1700 BC when Hammurabbi, the Babylonian king, had first inscribed the code of laws on diorite stelle (clay tablets) and gifted mankind the first written laws complete with punitive action for disobedience, could he ever fathom how timed Rules were or the intrinsic unruliness by which Nature governed the sustenance of Mother Earth, or for that matter, the human civilization? Perhaps not…

Every human endeavor has the in-built mechanism of going haywire. In the spot of green, that I somehow manage to maintain, right outside my flat, despite the space constraint, I have often delightfully noticed a blatant non-subscription to any concrete body of Rules, that I or my mali, in our naivety, try to impose. The click on the top of the post is an example of the blatant defiance with which the saplings choose their lightened path bypassing embargoes and in the process illumining my little garden with their sunny blooms.

I am nobody to channelize or de-channelize or codify or de-codify set of Rules for their substantive growth because life blossoms by its own sheer wish and will. Therein lie its grandeur and undiminishing power to astonish the human spectators. And perhaps it is this inherent lack of compliance to a steady course that exemplifies divinity.     

This is again an entry, a non-conventional one, to PADE, under today’s theme Rule. To know more about PADE or Picture A Day Experiment, click here.   


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A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. My Say says:

    This is phenomenal !! Trust me !! Rule – an unique capture and then when you go by the explanation .. just so true 🙂
    Well , I see my money plant abiding no rules and I love to see it truly free..I have not implanted the rule to grow atop by implanting a stick to creep on 🙂
    its on the terrace and now I see it creeping through the floor to the walls as per its whims and fancy 🙂
    back To back !! Wow!! This is going to be great .. I will learn a bit of life .. every day .. thanks to PADE 🙂
    BTW ..your yellow unruly friend looks stunning in the snap .. peeping through the fence 🙂 A rebel is born 😀


    • You are too good for my ego…d’you know that? Enjoying getting older? That’s great…I was always older than my age and always got along with my seniors better than my peers.

      Money plant growing unruly…yeah that’s sure sign of lotzzzzzzz and lotzzzzzzzzz of moooooooooooney………..yippee!

      Talking of unruliness, one of my colleagues, loved to break rules and be in the limelight. In contrast, I feel the law-abiding should have a stronger voice but. alas, it is not so!

      Thanks for appreciating the pic. I am such a peripheral performer….and not good at all at clicking….Am only participating coz the themes are great. You should visit the PADE page and see the contributions of the others. Mind blowing! I feel stupid being there but still I am… incorrigibly precautious….ain’t I?


      • My Say says:

        hahaha 😀 .. Revolts are because Rules are 😀 The rebel may be an opportunist or a God man .. 🙂
        As you say,I will take a look to see if really others are being able to touch the depth of the topics 🙂
        Money ?? its on the terrace .. whenever I try growing them in the house in the greed of being rich .. they last not for a day even 😀


  2. Geetashree I agree with Mysay!!! This is a very unique!! And I just love the write up…..awesome!


  3. RituKT says:

    Awesome write up, love your entry for PADE – Rules!


    • Ritu, I also liked the vast sweep you captured in your frame under the theme of the day – Rules! Especially the black and white shades which gave it a yester-year look. I always find black and white more alluring than coloured ones. They have a mystique about them!


      • RituKT says:

        Thank you Geetashree. I’m glad you liked it. As I said in my post, I never go for B&W, I don’t know why. But I’m glad I broke my rules 🙂


  4. Wow, wonderful write up. Keep it up


  5. Sini Rachel says:

    I love the picture. Even though I admire the blooms in the cracks, I never took a snap as beautiful as you did. Good writing too.


  6. superrrrrr write up……….lovely click


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