Break Of Dawn

When Tagore wrote “Aundho janey deho aalo, mrito janey deho praan”…which literally translated means, “Give light to the blind and life to the dead”, the allusion to life and light had huger connotations than the eyes could envision or breath could enfold.

Those days when life shied away from the extravagant,  sleepless nights were whiled away on the terrace gazing at the stars yonder trying to gauge the distances the twinkles traveled to tempt us.

Today our worlds have shrunk to the state-of-the-art-gear which has the power to enlighten our existence without stretching the hands or bothering the fingers.

In our microcosm of reality, an uninterrupted supply of electricity is a mandate which every ruling or aspiring Political Party would hold dear to inveigle popular support.

However, for those who have shunned the rudiments of comfort for greater gains, light is like the match struck in abysmal darkness – the Moment’s Truth, which can light life forever!

I had clicked the break of dawn with my Nokia Mobile from the balcony – an impulsive move instantly archived awaiting deletion from the folder someday. It was just one of those clicks which had included the unwanted within an un-premeditated frame – the poking steel ladder, the intruding overhead cables, the ungainly street light!

But today, as I look at it, I realize seldom do we seek that streak of light which breaks us free from the shackles of everyday chases and chores, though it may have been present all the time around us to imbibe!!!

A strip of dawn, a priceless gift, fondly handed down to us every day by Nature Divine, which we choose to either ignore or give a miss. Or foolishly endeavor to imprison in an unpretentious shot in an utterly nonchalant mood!      

This post is my first entry to PADE, the Picture A Day Experiment, a 31 Day Photo Challenge, wherein each participant shall post an image as per the theme of the day under today’s theme – Light. To know more about it, click here.


About gc1963

A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

22 responses »

  1. RituKT says:

    I love your write up accompanying the photo. I and Sfurti are so glad to have you in PADE.
    Welcome to PADE and we hope to see more participation from you in upcoming themes!


  2. Bushra says:

    Beautiful capture! The write up-I loved! Dawn Is a priceless gift indeed!


  3. Loved the writeup and beautiful shot. Welcome to PADE Geetashree!!!


  4. Nice capture there


  5. Sini Rachel says:

    Great reminder of the simple beauty in our lives.


  6. indrani says:

    What an excellent take on the theme Geeta! Well done.


  7. My Say says:

    whenever I read you .. I can relate .. the dimming light of the nature and the glowing that of the human’s .. in between there are some moments … when I just love looking at the sky … the dawn and the dusk .. both are so beautiful …
    I always a develop a perception …which might not be what you talk about in your posts but you give so much room for thinking …
    Apt to the topic ! Best of Luck for PADE . best part I will find you writing more frequently .. because of this 🙂


    • gc1963 says:

      Do you know you have layers to your persona? And that is why I love your visits and comments on my space. Whenever I am apprehensive of ambiguity and lack of lucidity in my posts, you come up with the most apt observation grabbing the pulse of the post with such amazing ease.

      Yes, dusk and dawn, the two poles dividing the day. Yet, if you look closely there is an odd similarity in their dissimilarity. Remember that song..”raat kaari din ujiyara mil gaye dono saaye, saanjh ne dekho rang roop ke kaise bhed mitaye re…” Here’s the link for you :


      • My Say says:

        that is a great link you shared.Out of the topic..singers of the yester years had to be so good with their voice .. I could hear in this video.. music is minimal and the voice does it all.. fabulous .. so very meaningful .. I will tell you something .. off late I have started loving the fact that I am growing older .. so many things I have started loving which a decade back would be – GIMME A BREAK MA’N .. Yo!! 😀 😀
        You have a hawk-eye to pick up right tracks from YouTube 🙂


  8. prakash says:

    Nice. A very ordinary picture it looks, until one reads your poetic prose……


  9. Loved this! Both the photo and the write up!


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