A frustrated soul knoweth no peace!!!

What do you do if your job degenerates into some kind of a drab, dreary and burdensome routine leaving at the end of the day a bitter taste in your mouth? The deterioration is not sudden but gradual, of which you were aware for quite some time, but chose to ignore, now no more, because your cerebral elasticity called endurance is tightly stretched to the point of breakage. 


It’s somewhat like the moment in that seedy restaurant where you had sipped a bowl of tasteless soup, insipid and watery, and made a horrible face but decided not to call the waiter and get the same replaced because it was you who had ordered it in the first place impressed by the exotic name on the menu card or  that scorching summer noon when you had gulped down a de-fizzed Cola, lukewarm and zing-less, not bothered how harmful that could be to your health, because goaded by an overpowering thirst you were too much in a hurry to finish it off?Why? Dunno…but we do play such games with our own luckless selves.

When going to office each morning perpetuates a splitting head ache. When you drag your legs back home every evening dissatisfied to the core guilty that your daily output does not justify the fat pay packet you pocket at the end of each month. When the excitement and adventure of handling an erstwhile challenging work front eventually dry up like an arid wasteland. What do you do?

You still carry on nonetheless…you accept your fate meekly…. you crib and nag intermittently….you roar and revolt infrequently….you suffer from acute inferiority complex and subsequently get into a mode of manic depression…you’re pushed to the wall…your patience comes to a screeching halt…you finally break down…you do all that and much more…

(a)  Wallow in self-pity mistaking it to be nostalgia. Recall wistfully all those days   when you were browbeaten by excessive work load and somehow managed to stay afloat gritting your teeth and cursing silently all those around you who spent the day whistling about…(Aaaah! Those good, old, spring-kissed days!! Will they ever return?)

(b)  Take to spiritual chanting…meditation…pranayam…realizing instantly its ineffectiveness because no sooner do you close your eyes to concentrate on that elusive ‘Third Eye’, than the sniggering, smouldering face of your boss bobs up and down in front of your mind’s eye with increasing ferocity and sadism…


(c)  Find an appropriate outlet to vomit your venom and after several such ‘eclectic’ bouts feel extremely light hearted and hugely empty-stomached secretly hoping that the exercise would also prove to be the much hankered after antidote to all your obesity related issues but alas the very wish is perfunctorily denied as the ravenous, rueful soul is habituated to seek quantum solace in mouth-watering, calorific diet and substantial bites of creamy, chocolaty mounds foils the plan…

(d)  Be jealous of all those who have better prospects in life than you do and show it in no uncertain term…’Course  don’t mean you change colour like a chameleon and go green (Yuck!! Hideous!!!). There are more suave ways… e.g., being subtly bitchy and nonchalantly provocative (in words and manners, that is)…

(e)  Have it out with your boss who fails to generate intellectually stimulating work,  even after pointed reminders (at regular intervals) to do so…with your colleagues who treat you with a certain amount of poorly disguised contempt… with your hapless subordinates because it’s generally all their fault, you see…

(f)    Chuck your job, isshhhh,….and look for a new one. Considering the amount of security, perks and above all salary enjoyed in the present one and the folly of not having assessed your own market value for a very long time, it appears  be the height of foolhardiness, nay, totally suicidal, to even think of such a dire, drastic step….a big NO!!!

(g)  Mop around looking suitably disgruntled, de-spirited, demotivated, and any other verb prefixed with a ‘d’ so as to make even your foes unanimously feel sorry for you and pray for an improvement in situation (Will that ever happen?)

(h)  Explore alternate sources of challenge and creativity wherein, in all likelihood, you shall excel by and by because that’s the way it is with the human race… Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and that gratifying theory on Self Actualization…however remote the connection be it’s a possibility that you may sniff out  a few hitherto unimaginable avenues of self-satisfaction and promotion, as you detract, tired and bored, from the extant not-so-happening-scenario…

(i)    Remain calm and collected (saintly *! @ # ?) , enviably so, and make the most of the situation, however, distressing the same be…Every bleak/rocking/neutral paraphrase of life has something to contribute to your booty of experience. You learn and move on..blah!…blah!…blah…Moral of the story is that you think, feel and behave like a motivational guru (I have often wondered how many times they practise what they preach!!!).

Anyway…There is another diametrically opposite reaction available to the stimulus…Make merry and be happy…Ooops! Or should it be ‘Don’t worry and be happy’…Whichever…

Seen that vagabond boy, playing truant from school, in his dusty shorts and socks and boots and askance blazer and rumpled shirt? He dribbles down the road while his golden locks wave in air with a carefree swagger. He arches his right leg in the air, in a semi-circular motion, and kicks high the battered tumbler lying in discard in a heap of mud. Then marches a few steps more, in similar cadence, and kicks again with all his might, this time with his left leg the same tumbler which is quite out of shape by now. Thus, ambles down time with a jovial tick following the boy’s gait, who is none too ruffled either, by the twists of fate. What he has not and what he has, he bothers not much, as he goes by life’s way in his own sweet will and flourish, relishing the moment with a mischievous wink keeping the past way behind and the future safely in the hands of tomorrow.   


Much like the boy perhaps!!! Or no…is it too unmanageable a state of affairs wherein redemption seems like a distant dream?

Having delved deeply into the psyche of a frustrated worker, I now present my dilemma to all and sundry. Which one do I go in for? Or do I follow each and every step (a) to (i) to arrive at now unthinkable (j) which may prove to be the revelation of a lifetime?

In candid confession, let me declare that I have already surfed from one option to the other i.e. from (a) to (i) in a phased manner, the only pertinent point here being, that the so-called options/phases, whichever nomenclature you may like to attribute to the agony of the mind, did not appear to be in any way a progression from the former state or an either/or situation, in my order of vacillation. I felt stuck, clogged, entrapped and I still do so.



Therefore, I ask thee, my readers, friends and my dearest enemies, for your esteemed guidance to the path of righteous dissension/defiance … Or do you per chance have an absolutely apposite alternative distinctly different from all the above?

Pray reveal.


About gc1963

A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. Very detailed account of the real life Geeta Ji. Since I am also sailing in the same boat and the same kind of things (alongwith lack of promotion, injustice on many counts, absence of recognition for the contribution made to the organization, humiliation and playing of dirty politics etc. etc.) have happened to me in various jobs (my present job is my fifth employment with the deployment being in the sixth office).

    I firmly believe in the Need Hierarchy Theory of Abraham Maslow which had read first during my B. Com. and later during my C.A. as well as Civil Services attempts. And hence I am going with the alternative ‘h’ which appears as the best to me even if it may not bring any name, fame or money to me. I express myself and post on different sites. And being very very frank and candid with you, I write without posting the stuff anywhere also, keeping my writing solely for me. I don’t mind being with less work because it provides me with free time to enjoy the nostalgia of some bygone golden moments of my life. Dil Dhoondhta Hai Phir Wohi Phursat Ke Raat Din, Baithe Rahen Tasavvur-e-Jaana Kiye Hue is my philosophy for this kind of scenario in my life. When I am alone, I am never alone within my heart. God is with me. Someone who has physically got separated is with me. I talk to them without any utterance from my mouth (and believe me if you can, I listen to them too).

    The other options do not seem as worthwhile to me. Though I try for a better job but that betterment can be in terms of pay-package, facilities and status only because the work culture prevailing in India is the same in almost all the organizations.




  2. vimalaramu says:

    My dear Geetha, it is a delightful account of the most boring 9 to 5 job. Apart from having a gym, a home theatre and a swimming pool at workplace, I see no viable alternative for this high paying but utterly boring routine. Or as the present IT generation does, working from home is any day more pleasant if not as productive. I don’t know when corporate India will think of making workspot more pleasant. Going for picnics every month or to movies with all the staff is another alternative I can think of.


  3. Well Well I am sure plenty will agree to this , but this is how it is .. one need to work to put food on the table ..


  4. Sneha says:

    Sigh ~ life’s like that 🙂
    Some intellectual musings, these.


  5. Shonit says:

    Hey guys,
    Wanted to share some stuff with you. I used Vistaprint for some embroidered t-shirts with logo. Damn impressed. Check it out if you can.


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