Since the time I attended Art Of Living’s Basic Course, it has been my routine to start the day with Sudarshan Kriya. However, I must confess that even after lapse of considerable time, my mind tends to waver hither and thither whenever I sit down to meditate. The past haunts, the present beckons and the future makes me worry. In the beginning, I used to feel guilty. Meditation meant an internal tussle to concentrate on the ‘now’ while my restless mind kept on playing tricks with me. With time, I have become more indulgent with my thoughts during meditation and let them pass by like sauntering clouds on a clear summer day.

Last weekend I attended a Book Fair which brought back memories of the past. How my father used to shove in story books under my pillow in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. The next morning, as I would bounce with joy discovering my new found treasure, he would smile and tell me that it was a gift from Santa Claus for being a good girl.

As I said earlier our mind plays tricks. These happy moments from the past, once aroused, must have settled heavily in my subconscious. Next morning, when I sat down for Kriya, my mind ditched me, as usual, and we went surfing down memory lane.

I was back again to my childhood days playing with bright, colourful toys, reading books and comics, dancing in the back yard, running after my mother, singing myself hoarse and shunning studies in general. Needless to say such reminiscences are always pleasurefull. I was transported to those olden times long gone by and could feel every emotion associated with those moments, smell every fragrance, listen to all the pleasant voices of yore as though I had a Time Turner wound in my hand which had taken me backwards in time.

Alas! When I returned to the present my Kriya was almost over. Surprisingly, I felt as though I had come back home after a long journey. It was time to get ready for the next daily chore. However, as I prepared to work out of inertia, an electrifying revelation dawned on me. During Kriya my mind had traveled distances, leading me along, where I could not have possibly traveled physically. The second realization that dashed in next was while I was time traveling there were two layers of action going along simultaneously at the mental front – at one level a part of the mind continued with the daily ritual of the Kriya in the present now and at another level the other part happily took off for a whirlwind trip to the past.

The experience made me marvel at the unexplored potentials of the mind which we seldom utilize consciously in our wakeful moments and the natural corollary that, once harnessed constructively, this ability of the mind to multi task ( or should I say travel?) can easily elicit stupendous results. Arguably, it also indicated that if mind could travel backwards it could also do so in forward motion. Couldn’t it?

With all these awe-inspiring thoughts, I also acknowledged shamefacedly, that I had to work harder still to achieve a few moments of meaningful meditation when mind would be still, restful and very much in control of the present.

Thoughts to ponder upon….



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A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. Geeta Ji,

    Shubh Sandhya.

    I had also attended the Art of Living classes in 2005 and experienced Sudarshan Kriya. Only once (on the first occasion), was I successful in getting myself into the state of trance during the Kriya. On all the subsequent occasions, my experience was similar to that of yours. I used to carry a pillow with me to the class and whenever I did not find myself interesting in going ahead with the Kriya, I tried to sleep. Anyway, due to this weakness of myself, I could not gain what others might have gained from this course and more so from the Kriya.

    Well, wandering of the mind in the past and in the unseen future, regretting for the things that have happened and worrying for the things that have not yet happened and not able to concentrate on the moment at hand is a problem with me too. But the enlightenment that you got from your experience is invaluable for others too (including me). Frankly speaking, I am always able to concentrate on the present only when I am writing something because then only, all of my energies converge to the subject on the tip of my pen (or keyboard or mind because I get ideas when I am taking a walk or sitting idle). Else, I am also sailing in the same boat as narrated by you.


    Jitendra Mathur


    • gc1963 says:

      Mathur Sahab!

      Thanks for sharing your views on AOL and experiences of meditation.

      Creativity is as enriching as any other form of meditation. It is not only an outlet for our innermost feelings and thoughts it is also cathartic. Recently, I read an article which purported that creative writing is an antidote of dementia. So, I think you are on the right path. There is no single formula for stress-relief universally applicable to all individuals. We have to find our own path best suited to our needs.

      Pranayam or Sudarshan Kriya is an exercise which cumulatively grows on one who practices it. For the higher attainments through meditation or kriya, I believe one needs something which is more than mere mental concentration. It is an intimate eagerness to be one with Him that is the propelling force behind the Ultimate Spiritual Awakening. And to get into that state of perpetual yearning is not everyone’s cup of tea. Again it is a Divine choice…those who are earmarked for his blessings are truly his own children.



  2. I have never had the opportunity to be able to attend these experiences .. Maybe some day ..
    Although I am quite active as such ..

    going on tangent here .. wandering of mind well mine wanders all the time and not usually in the right place 🙂


    • gc1963 says:

      Great to find you in the same boat. 🙂

      I don’t think its important to attend such programs…it was just a chance happening that I did or perhaps it was meant to be that way. Basically, one must have the inclination or that particular bent of mind to be spiritually receptive which of course no amount of Kriya or other mental exercises can enable…I think the choice is made somewhere else.


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