Hammurabi did not inscribe a law on clay tablets for this one. He couldn’t possibly! Even if he had tried to visualize in one of his wildest of attempts, he would not have been able to stretch his imagination so far as to foresee fingers tapping away on keyboards ventilating, bonding, discerning, dissecting, debating, discussing, agreeing and agreeing to disagree on the electronic papyrus in full gusto. Yes! I am talking about the latest fad or social phenomenon of blogging. It’s a world unto itself – virtual, though criticized as, it has given a platform to many who itched to tell their stories, but perhaps, like me, were snubbed snobbishly by the media/publishing houses as too microscopic a view to find a place in print.

As I write, I realize that I have not researched enough before putting my fingers to the keyboard. I do not know how the act of blogging started or who popularized this form of expression and bestowed it with a nomenclature which is as common as salt in curry amidst today’s cyber-savvy Diaspora. But I do know how it started for me!

As a child, I loved to tell stories. But those stories never had an end. They would go on and on and………till my cousins learnt to avoid me when I broached the topic of storytelling or took up the lead to do so! As life took its own course, stories flew out of the window and reality crushed all dreams savagely under its heavy, spike-encrusted heels. But somewhere life’s happenings, lessons learnt thereof, people I came across and unconsciously observing them, registered, coagulated into nebulous daubs in the cobwebbed recesses of the cerebrum and the idea of ideating about them slowly crystallized into a concrete shape and fervent wish.

It was one late evening when I was frantically trying to get hold of an auto to reach me to the nearest Metro Station that a courteous girl offered me a lift. She turned out to be a journo attached to HT. On asking her how to get my writes published in the Newspaper I was quite brusquely told to look for other avenues as dailies only published articles which affected millions and pangs of a miniscule handful were just out of the question! I insisted that my articles were mouthpieces of zillions who suffered with me in silence but decided to keep their agonies to themselves in the absence of access to the right audience. But my plea went unheard. Having put me into my place firmly she also went on to give me examples of a few sites in which I could vent my ire or woes, whichever I chose to, as a more appropriate fora for the likes of me who wanted to say so much to nobody as such who had the ear or time to listen to these! That conversation was the stepping stone! Soon I was converted into a site addict with phenomenal speed, of course, with the aid of a few of my tech-savvy friends and colleagues.

But this is not a sob story of a rejected writer who took to blogging on the rebound. Having also read many a blogs of highly creative minds, I have come to acknowledge that blogging is an art and form of creative writing in itself. But alas a thin line of demarcation does persist if not literally then in the mind’s eye which differentiates and discriminates a blogger from a writer, the latter being one who has printed publications to his/her credit. Or is it I, the jilted lover idealizing on the specter of love which evaded my kitty like the lost moolah and fame that I never earned in my swaggering career of being a writer or otherwise? Well, I leave that to my readers to argue upon.

So here I am, typing away to glory my introductory space unencumbered by legal obligations or more intricate techniques of creativity. The only moral dictum being “ say your piece but hurt none” which should more accurately be spelt as “ say the subtle way so that it should hurt none”.

And oh yes! Hammurabi, the 1700 BCE Babylonian king, who had gifted mankind with the first written laws, engraved on diorite stelle, could not have for sure thought of this one, as presumably, life must have been more simple in his times, most probably less burdened by rejections or refusals, which have inarguably proved capable of coursing alternate paths of expressions or rebellion in latter times! Or am I wrong or too simplistic in assuming that given the ingrained autocracy of his engravings on the huge rocky index fingers..??????????????????? Or wouldn’t it be more pertinent to question whether we have really evolved from the days of Hammurabi in one or more than one ways? Food for thought……


About gc1963

A working woman with interests in reading, writing, music, poetry and fine arts.

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  1. vimalaramu says:

    My dear Geetha, It is a fantastic effort for a debut. I don’t know why you put me in such a delicate position that my comments would dissuade /persuade to write further. I did not have to strain myself at all. It was a clear case of excellence. And contrary to your complex, it had a definite end too. So, go ahead and carry on. Wish you all the luck in the blog world.


  2. Dear Geeta,
    So good to see you started on this one. And no gibberish this. The very fact that you chose to begin blogging even if (un-researched) reveal your creative intentions.

    So, carry on with my good wishes, God’s grace and of course, your creativity!



  3. gc1963 says:

    Thanks Vimla for that truly unadulterated encouraging comment. Please keep visiting.


  4. gc1963 says:

    Thanks Shail for your best wishes. I do look forward to your visit more often!


  5. Geeta Ji,

    You have got the gift of the gab. I have never heard you but I am sure you must be an excellent orator too the same way you are an excellent writer. Your write-up is straight from the heart and a no-nonsense one. I would like to follow your posts in future too.

    Don’t stop. Keep going.




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